ANIO Award for Academic Excellence 2014

28 09 2014
We are nearing the time of the annual dinner and award ceremony for the American Nephrologists of Indian Origin for 2014 that happens at ASN.
Nominations are currently being accepted for the ANIO Award for Academic Excellence.
This award recognizes individuals of Indian origin who have made substantial academic contributions to nephrology and have sustained achievements in the areas of research and education.
If you have anyone in mind, please send a short paragraph (75-100 words) on this individual together with his or her CV to Dr. Anupam Agarwal at
The deadline for nominations to be received is October 5th, 2014.

ANIO 2013 Award in Excellence in Academic Nephrology

28 10 2013

P.Singhal.photoPravin C. Singhal, MD, is currently professor of Medicine at Hofstra North Shore LIJ Medical School, New York, Investigator at the center of excellence for immunology, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Director of Renal Molecular Research Laboratory, North Shore LIJ Health System, New York. Currently, he is also Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Nephrology and Renovascular Disease. He graduated from Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner, Rajasthan in 1968. He joined the faculty of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Research and Education, Chandigarh in 1975 after completion of his fellowship in Nephrology.


He moved to Long Island Jewish Medical Center in 1986 and appointed as Chief of Nephrology at Queens General Hospital. He became Chief, of unified Nephrology Divisions of North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center in 1999.  Currently he is chief emeritus at NSLIJ.  He has been funded by NIH for the last 25 years. His research in HIVAN has made significant advancement in the field of nephrology. Dr Singhal will be presented with the ANIO award in excellence in academic nephrology for his dedicated work in the field of nephrology.  He will get the award in ASN annual kidney week 2013 in Atlanta 2013 at the ANIO meeting.


ANIO 2013 Excellence in Clinical Science Award

25 10 2013

C5D39677 Rajiv AgarwalDr. Rajiv Agarwal is a tenured Professor of Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine at Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Agarwal earned his medical degree from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.  After completing residency in Internal Medicine at the same institution he completed a Nephrology fellowship at University of Texas, Southwestern Dallas.


In July 1997, he joined Indiana University as Clinical Assistant Professor and within 10 years was promoted to the rank of full Professor. Dr. Agarwal has published about 250 original papers and reviews in Nephrology.  He has had numerous invited lectures including those from national societies such as National Kidney Foundation, American Society Nephrology, International Society of Nephrology, European Dialysis and Transplant Association, and the American Heart Association.  Dr. Agarwal has received the Indiana University Trustee’s teaching award and the young scholar award of the American Society of Hypertension.  He serves on the Editorial Board of Kidney International, CJASN, Hypertension and Seminars in Dialysis and as an Editor for Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, American Journal of Nephrology, and Journal of the American Society of Hypertension.  He also served as an Associate Editor of NephSAP for 6 years.

Dr. Agarwal is an internationally recognized leader in the area of clinical and translational research in nephrology.  He was amongst the first to demonstrate the effect of add-on angiotensin receptor blockade on cytokine production and oxidative stress, but none on proteinuria in patients with chronic kidney disease. He has developed a technique for measurement of oxidative stress biomarkers using HPLC and applied this method to demonstrate generation of oxidative stress with intravenous iron in patients with chronic kidney disease. He was the first to describe the antiproteinuric effects of vitamin D receptor activators. His research on anemia and iron management among patients with CKD is broadly recognized.  His foremost contribution has been in the area of hypertension in hemodialysis patients for which he has been funded continuously since 2003 by the National Institutes of Health.  He has refined the techniques to diagnose and treat hypertension in this complex group of patients and performed important randomized trials in this difficult group of patients. He serves on the Board of Directors of KDIGO, has served as a panelist for Medical Evidence Development Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDCAC) for United States Medicare, and most recently contributed a chapter on the Approach to the patient with renal disease in Cecil’s Textbook of Medicine.

The special award will be presented to Dr Agarwal in Atlanta at Renal week 2013 ANIO event.

ANIO 2013 Special Service Award

25 10 2013

John Feehally 2008Dr. John Feehally began his medical career by training in primary care medicine before kidney disease grasped his interest.  He trained in nephrology in Bristol, Leicester, Manchester, UK; and in Boston, USA. He is Consultant Nephrologist at University Hospitals of Leicester, and Professor of Renal Medicine at the University of Leicester, UK.


His particular clinical interests are in glomerulonephritis and renal transplantation.  His major laboratory research program is in immune renal disease, especially IgA nephropathy.

He is co-editor with Juergen Floege and Richard Johnson of ‘Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology’ – now in its fourth edition. He was co-chair with Daniel Cattran of the KDIGO clinical practice guideline on glomerulonephritis, published in 2012.

He was President of the UK Renal Association [2004-2007], and  President of the International Society of Nephrology [2011-2013]. In June 2013, he became chair of the ISN Global Outreach programs.  The ISN-ANIO India Committee builds on the expertise of ISN to bridge gaps in healthcare provision for kidney disease across India. The ISN-ANIO India Committee has raised substantial funds to support a number of innovative projects.

This award will recognize John Feehally’s contributions in advancing nephrology education, science, and clinical care in India.  He will be presented with this award in Atlanta at the ASN 2013 Renal week ANIO evening.


ANIO-ASN 2013 Award recipients announced

24 10 2013

Pravin Singhal, MD , ANIO Excellence in Academic Nephrology

Rajiv Agarwal, MD, ANIO Excellence in Clinical Science

John Feehally, MB, ANIO Special Service Award


Congrats to all three for the excellent contributions to Nephrology

ANIO Awards and Dinner at ASN 2013

6 10 2013

The American Nephrologists of Indian Origin (ANIO) invite you to join
us for a reception and dinner at the American Society of Nephrology
Meeting 2013 in Atlanta.

Date:  11/8/2013 at the Peachtree special events and conference center

200 Peachtree Street, Suite 206, Atlanta, GA 30303
7:00 pm  onwards

RSVP  at to attend.

ISN ANIO India Committee

8 09 2013










The ISN-ANIO India Committee was initiated by ISN, nephrologists in India, and nephrologists of Indian origin living abroad to improve care for patients with kidney disease in India. It was founded in 2010.




The committee’s name recognises that ANIO represents by far the largest group of Indian nephrologists in the diaspora, but the committee’s membership also  includes representatives of the Indian diaspora beyond North America.






The ISN-ANIO India Committee is dedicated to reducing kidney disease and increasing treatment opportunities for patients in India, mainly by  tailor-made education and research programs.  The ISN – ANIO India Committee aims to support unique projects which  are not extensions or duplications of projects already being supported by the Indian government, the Indian Society of Nephrology, or other agencies


Committee members


John Feehally [Leicester, UK], Immediate Past-President, ISN – co-chair


Ajay Singh [Boston, USA], ANIO – co-chair


Georgi Abraham [Chennai, India]


Ravi Mehta [San Diego, USA], ANIO


Mohan Rajapurkar [Nadiad, India]


Sudhir Shah [Little Rock, USA], ANIO


Prabir Roy-Chaudhury (Cincinnati, USA), ANIO


Indranil Dasgupta (Birmingham, UK)


Sanjeev Sethi (Rochester, USA)


Sanjay Agarwal (New Delhi, India)




The Committee is focused on 4 areas: CKD, renal pathology, transplantation,  later AKI.


Principles have been  defined to identify  the types of projects which will be supported:




  • Transformative – programs or projects that foster a major positive difference in the nephrology care of people in India.
  • Sustainable – programs or projects designed to continue successfully
    •  1) if a particular principal investigator leaves and/or
    • 2) when ISN is no longer involved.
    • Innovative – programs or projects that advance the field or develop and use new technologies or systems.
    • Culturally sensitive and non-exploitative – programs or projects that do not benefit ISN only but have a bi-directional benefit.
    • Capacity building – programs or projects that focus on fostering increased capability.
    • Service-oriented – programs or projects that provide patients and/or providers of care with knowledge and expertise they previously might not have had.
    • Cost-effective – programs or projects that do not burden either the ISN or the nephrology community financially but rather return a net positive benefit over a period of time.
    • Integrated – programs that are compatible with the overarching global mission of the ISN.




Funds so far raised to support the work of the Committee are a little over £250,000. This is mainly from a single donor in India.


The ISN-ANIO India Committee is seeking funds in India, the United States and beyond, through government funds, corporate sponsors and individual donors.


ISN  receives any donations or contributions on behalf of ANIO.


ANIO agrees that 50% of all funds raised through its members and its own fundraising activities will go directly to support the work of the ISN-ANIO India Committee.


When an agreed level of donation is offered by an individual or organisation, their generosity will be appropriately recognised.




Achievements & Plans


ISN-ANIO Fellowship


Since 2012, the ISN-ANIO India Committee co-funds with ISN two fellowships for Indian nephrologists to train abroad. An absolute requirement of these fellowships is that the nephrologist returns to work in India. The fellows are chosen through the usual ISN Fellowship application and selection process, and with input from the ISN-ANIO India Committee.




Advanced Apprenticeship scheme


The purpose of this apprenticeship is to give an opportunity to a physician or allied healthcare personnel to learn specific skills, e.g.   a pathologist or a technician to train in pathology techniques, or for an individual to train in a specific area of transplantation such as tissue typing or transplant coordination.


We expect the first apprenticeships to take place in 2013/2014.   


Renal Pathology


(Sub-committee: Ajay Singh, Vanesa Bijol)


A blended learning program in renal pathology has been developed   It combines face to face teaching with webinars. The first program which started in 2012 was oversubscribed, and numerous nephrologists and pathologists in India were selected. After very positive feedback, a second program will be launched in 2013. There is great interest in this program which will likely to be offered  soon to other parts of the developing world.




(Sub-committee: Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, Georgi Abraham)


The first transplant projects will start in late 2013 and will focus on using the apprenticeship scheme to support improvements in tissue typing expertise in India, and also transplant coordinator training (in partnership with Mohan Foundation.




(Sub-committee: Ravi Mehta, Raj Chakaravrthi


The first AKI project will start in late 2014 and will be focused on increasing knowledge of the epidemiology of AKI in India through registry development




(Sub-committee: Sudhir Shah, Mohan Rajapurkar)

A CKD project is also being planned to start in 2014