ANIO Awards Nominations for 2020

Nominations are currently being accepted for the ANIO Awards for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Service. 

The Academic Excellence award recognizes individuals of Indian origin who have made substantial and significant contributions to the science of nephrology in basic or clinical science supported by published work  in scientific journals. The recipient preferably should be of Indian ancestry and can be based in North America or elsewhere. The selection committee rarely may decide to give the award to someone not of Indian ancestry, whose contribution  may be of special significance to the Indian diaspora with regard to disease manifestations, mechanisms or treatment.

The Outstanding Service award recognizes individuals who have made substantial and significant contributions to nephrology in the context of public service, propagation of knowledge/teaching and training or awareness of kidney diseases or significant donation which resulted in an advancement of research or education and well being of the specialty and the people it serves. This award is also available to colleagues in India who have made significant contributions to the mission of ANIO.

The Community Contribution award will recognize community physicians who have delivered or demonstrated outstanding and impactful service and leadership to their patients, their organizations and to the larger community as a whole.

If you have anyone in mind for these awards, please send a letter of nomination including a short biodata, CV and approval of the nominee to Dr. Prasad Devarajan at

The deadline for nominations to be received is Jan 15th 2021

Previous awardees include:

Brian Pereira, Vikas Sukhatme,Mannikam Suthintharan,Kirpal Chugh,Sudhir Shah, TKS Rao,Ravi Mehta,Ajay Singh, Balakuntlam Kasinath, Manjari Venkatachalam,Karl A Nath,Ravi Thadhani,Anupam Agarwal,Vinod Bansal,John Feehally ,Pravin Singhal (Academic Excellence),Rajiv Agarwal (Clinical Excellence),Sanjay Nigam (Academic Excellence),Ramesh Khanna (Clinical Excellence),Prasad Devarajan (Academic Excellence),Sundaram Hariharan (Clinical Excellence),Prabir Roy-Chaudhury (Academic Excellence),Rulan Parekh (Clinical Excellence),Hamid Rabb (Academic Excellence),Mohan Rajapurkar (Outstanding Service),Chirag Parikh (Academic Excellence),Ananth Karumanchi (Academic Excellence),Rajnish Mehrotra( Academic Excellence) and Vivek Jha ( Academic Excellence)

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