ANIO 2020 Award for Service Excellence

Dr. Natarajan Gopalakrishnan is an experienced Nephrologist in Madras Medical College in Chennai, India. He completed his initial medical studies (MBBS and MD) from Madurai Medical College, and then obtained the DM (Nephrology) from Madras Medical College in 1996. He was conferred the title of Fellow by the Royal College of Physicians, London, in 2010.

Dr. Gopalakrishnan has been active on the academic front throughout his career. In addition to his clinical practice, he currently serves as Professor at Madras Medical College, a post he has held since January 2011. He is a member of a number of medical bodies and plays an active executive role in a few of them. He has been a member of organising committees of conferences in the Nephrology sphere, and is often also invited as faculty, speaker or presenter of his research studies at many such events. Dr. Gopalakrishnan was responsible for setting up the Peritoneal and Hemodialysis services at Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital. Early in his career, from Feb 1999 to Feb 2004, Dr. N Gopalakrishnan served as Specialist & Head of the Nephrology Division at Rustaq Hospital, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman.

Dr N Gopalakrishnan is a highly accomplished teacher, a consummate clinician and an astute researcher. He is a passionate teacher and his unique teaching skills have made him a much sought-after teacher at national level.  So far, fifty five nephrologists have blossomed under his tutelage and another seventeen are pursuing Nephrology training, currently under him.

His innovative style of blending clinical teaching and clinical research as a continuum has resulted in several defining research papers highlighting the trend changes in renal diseases. He has played an appreciable role in promoting research and currently, he has been nominated as Chairman of Research Board of Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical university

During his decade-long stint as the Head of Nephrology Department at Madras Medical College, the premier medical institution of Tamil Nadu, the unit has undergone phenomenal developments. Now, it is one of the largest Nephrology departments of the country with 200 beds, 80 hemodialysis machines, CAPD programme, vibrant Renal Transplant services (both deceased donor & Living related donor) and a robust teaching programme (with 18 trainees). The highlight is that the entire comprehensive renal care is offered totally free of charges by the Government of Tamil Nadu. It is a phenomenal achievement to make sophisticated renal care accessible to underprivileged sections of society. These developments which are the fruits of the efforts of Dr N Gopalakrishnan prompted the Government to upgrade the department as “Institute of Nephrology” and he has become the first “Director’ of that institute.

It is our distinct honor to award the ANIO 2020 Service Award to Dr. Natarajan Gopalakrishnan.

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  1. Appropriately conferred award for an outstanding Nephrologist from India who has done pioneering work under challenging circumstances

  2. Congratulations, Dr. Gopalakrishnan! We wish you more success in your future endeavors.
    B. S. Kasinath, MD

  3. A well deserved honour for a real accomplished person. Kudos on this and many more to follow.

  4. Congratulas Dr.Many more to follow

  5. Congrats Dr.Many more to follow

    • Dr gopalakrishnan is an outstanding nephrologist in our country.he has inspired a generation of young nephrologists ,created a sea of change in their attitude producing a clan of doctors with ethics and virtues.
      Dr Lakshmi narasimhan

  6. A great and deserving honour to Director and professor Gopalakrishnan an academician par excellence, teacher, guide to many postgraduates, and a passionate nephrologist. Besides a wonderful human being, humble and easily approachable . We as colleagues feel extremely honoured. Our country is blessed to have him. Congratulations professor Gopalakrishnan
    Dr. Muthujayaraman
    Former professor of Nephrology

  7. Congratulations Anna!!!
    An award well deserved!! Another feather to your cap…. listing all your accomplishments would be a Himalayan task by itself…. there are many more to come… Regards 🙏

  8. Great recognition for a truly deserving doctor
    One of the finest human beings too

  9. Congratulations sir..

  10. Congratulations dear proud of you and so happy for you..we are blessed to have you as our TANKER Foundation Advisory Member.We truly admire your dedication and selflessness..grateful thanks from the TANKER family and our patients..Latha Kumaraswami

  11. Congratulations Dr ,Award has been honoured , one of the happiest moments in my life, extremely compassionate, humble,always smiling ready to serve

  12. Very glad to note. Congratulations.

  13. Dear Dr. Congrats for the Award being a honour to your simplicity and service to the humanity. Really you deserve many more Laurels.

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