Dr. G. P. Kaushal ANIO Award for Outstanding Trainee– New for 2022

Starting in 2022, American Nephrologists of Indian Origin (ANIO) will establish an Annual Outstanding Trainee Award.  

The Kaushal family is honored to name this award in loving memory of Gur P. Kaushal, Ph.D. Dr. Kaushal was a dedicated and well accomplished scientist in the area of kidney disease. His seminal contributions included the description of Meprin as the major matrix degrading enzyme in the kidney and the role of caspases and autophagy in acute kidney injury.

He published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals in addition to
invited book chapters and review articles. He was highly regarded as a passionate
teacher and mentor.

Dr. Kaushal pursued his undergraduate and graduate degrees, majoring in
Biochemistry, at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana. In 1983, Dr. Kaushal received a post-doctoral position in San Antonio, Texas and permanently moved to the United States. In the summer of 1991, he accepted a faculty position in Biochemistry Department at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), Little Rock, Arkansas. A year later, he brought his basic science talents to the area of Nephrology and joined the faculty in the Internal Medicine Department at UAMS with a joint appointment in the Biochemistry Department to continue teaching the graduate students. Over the years, Dr. Kaushal became a tenured Professor at UAMS and a Research Career Scientist at the Veterans Affairs Hospital.

This award will recognize a fellow who has made a significant scientific contribution in Nephrology. The award includes a monetary stipend, a certificate, and is open to fellow trainees in Nephrology of Indian origin presenting their research at a national or international nephrology meeting. Award recipients will be selected by ANIO award committee.

If you have anyone in mind for these awards, please send a letter of nomination including a short biodata, CV and approval of the nominee to Dr. Nisha Bansal at NBansal@nephrology.washington.edu

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  1. Dr. Kaushal was an excellent scientist. He was also a warm person ever humble and ever ready to reach out. He will be greatly missed. This is a fitting tribute to his memory!

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