Donate for oxygen in #CovidINDIA2021

India is going through a tough time currently as the second wave has devastated many centers. As part of ANIO, we feel we can give back by supporting to get oxygen supplies to our motherland.

See below what we can do via AAPI. Even if we can help save one life- it is worth it.


Kindly support AAPI- India Covid disaster fund, donating  Oxygen Concentration units to Indian Hospitals.

AAPI has located a source manufacturer that supplies a Concentrated Oxygen unit, each of which can save four lives in India. The cost of each unit is minuscule – only $500. The Indian Embassy and Consulates will assist in the rapid shipping and customs regulations of these lifesaving units.

Payment may be made by a credit card or by Zelle ( AAPI registered account – ). Your generosity will be acknowledged on the AAPI website.

For credit cards: use this link.

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