ANIO GP Kaushal Annual Outstanding Trainee Award 2022

Starting in 2022, American Nephrologists of Indian Origin (ANIO) will establish an Annual Outstanding Trainee Award.  

The Kaushal family is honored to name this award in loving memory of Gur P. Kaushal, Ph.D. Dr. Kaushal was a dedicated and well accomplished scientist in the area of kidney disease.

ANIO is happy to announce this year’s awardee to be Dr Irma Hussain.

Irma Husain MBBS is a Transplant Nephrology Fellow at Duke University Hospital. She completed her medical education in India at Era’s Lucknow Medical College followed by an Internal Medicine residency at Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai (Bronx). This was succeeded by a Nephrology fellowship at Duke University Hospital. During this time she found herself keenly interested in transplant immunology and started working towards her long-term goal of establishing herself as a Physician Scientist in the field of Kidney Transplantation. She was awarded the ASN Ben J Lipps Research Fellowship Award for her project studying innate immune cells as targets in ischemic injury and rejection. Additionally, she has worked on numerous projects, ranging from murine studies to non-human primates as well as human kidney allograft single-cell RNA sequencing. These projects have led to publications in esteemed journals and both national and international conference presentations.  

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